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costco is selling mexican coke! made with sugar sugar!

i thought this was really cute, not like my garlic plushy, but cute still.
peas in a pod!

ice cream!

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i drove to an indian reservation for work today. the drive was beautiful. i wish i brought my camera. the hills were made of little rocks and big boulders and they were so colorful. bright green grass and bright orange and purple flowers and the bright blue sky. sigh. last night i drove to san diego in the dark. multiple freeways were closed. i was falling asleep. i drove along the ocean. many a times i thought i would careen into the ocean and die. how romantic.
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so i'm in san jose. my hotel is across the street from this japanese market/plaza. it's great. i found the most amazing little ramen place. they only have three things on the menu. i LOVE places like that. even though there are three things on the menu, EVERYONE ordered ONE thing. so i got it. it was yummmy. homemade noodles and everything. AND it's one of those places that doesn't do take out. haha. the dude next to me was slurping so hard he splattered soup onto my new leather jacket. UGH. i didn't notice until i got back to my room. man. not my luck.

i keep playing with my garlic. i feel like a crazy person.

i guess it's time to work again....
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santa rosa is cute. in a weird way. there's an old railroad square with all these cute shops and stuff. and then there's all these RANDOM SNOOPY and PEANUTS sculptures EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. the snoopy museum is in town. i think schultz is from here. but it's weird.

i was exploring the town a little bit last night on foot. there was a man playing the theremin in the railroad station. it was eerie because i had thought there was an opera singer or something and then i saw the man and his theremin. i remember in college when stephanie and i were really intrigued by the theremin. haha. and then it was right next to an hiv testing van. so i'm looking and walking and bam! i walk into lucy. yes. that's LUCY from the Peanuts. i wonder if it's sign that i walked into lucy as opposed to linus or charlie or even snoopy. she was, well, life-sized. i mean life-sized in that she was just as tall as me. but obviously, with her cartoon bulbish head and body, she was HUGE. absolutely HUGE. i screamed a little - a little from the pain and a little from seeing something so bizarre in the middle of the night in a dark random vintage-y town.

i spent a bit of the night at a wine bar and then a bit at a cafe. the cafe was really cute. everyone knew everyone and there was free wifi. the best kind. the guy next to me was like the hub. college kid. i swear, every girl who came into the cafe stopped to say hi to him. haha. well, all the girls except the table of lesbians next to me. of course.
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all my march 21st posts. too bad today's not the 22nd because i have posts for the 22nd back to 2001. sigh.

my post from march 21, 2005:

tell me i'm losing my mind! i had the worst nightmare last night. i dreamt that both my mom and my sister were shooting up heroin and were addicts. it was the weirdest thing. i woke up at like 6 am. but wanted to go back to sleep to find out what happened. oy.

my posts from march 21, 2004:

2:13 am March 21st, 2004

so i spent my spring accomplishing little. one thing i did do was to watch a lot of crap teevee on my computer. sigh. but it's weird, a WHOLE LOT of these new shows are obsessed with the supernatural. e.g. tru calling, joan of arcadia, wonderfalls, kingdom hospital, etc. i wonder why that is? is this a new genre ? did this come about because of deeper current societal obsessions? or is it simply that the networks just all copy from each other? eh. but tonight, i was hoping to catch episode two of century city to see if it got any better or if it was just as bad and hilariously so like last time. but it got preempted by basketball. oh well. and poor stanford lost! all that expectation... sigh. i'm turning into crazy teevee watcher. good thing spring break is over and my life is over since the count down to finals is less than 5 weeks. bah!

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12:59 am March 21st, 2004

i was reading 'bout the taiwan elections and this random bit on the side caught my eye. the world is a bizarre place i tell ya.


A lesbian university student who auctioned her virginity on the internet to pay for her studies is reported to have had sex with the highest bidder.

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01:45 pm March 21st, 2004

the problem with owning really really sharp knives.

while making guacamole, i stabbed my knife into my finger. now i can't type with both hands. ack. i almost fainted 'cause i was so freaked out. what am i gonna do tomorrow? take notes by hand??? boo.
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03:01 pm March 21st, 2004
old articles.
the washington post is so not exciting. they turn what could have been interesting into something not. can't really put my finger on it quite yet. but i think my friend is right, there are some strange underlying assumptions of the writer that makes the article seem somewhat wrong - pulitzer or not. the four or five historical references are all taken out of context. i don't like.

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05:48 pm March 21st, 2004



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i had pizza from extreme pizza today for lunch. then i had a tummy ache. i thought it was the cheese. it was not simply the lactose. i feel extremely ill from my extreme pizza. oh boo. it's ok though, i think. if not, i'm really close to the hospital here in marin....

how much are you suppose to tip for the maids at the hotel? i've been leaving 5 bucks. do i get that back from the firm? i mean, is that possible? seems petty, but dude, i racked up at least 2k in travel reimbursements last month. crazy. and i've not gotten it back. blah.

i woke up this morning to this message on my gchat:

4:55 AM Eveline: cindy cindy
bo bindy
banana fana
fo findy
me my mo mindy

HAHAHA. EY, you crack me up.


i'm planning a bday party. any suggestions? anyone who can come?? :P

btw, it's hot in northern california. it's weird. and i've been invited to a BBQ this weekend. WEIRD. seems REALLY EARLY for bbq, doesn't it?
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i've been reading books i've read. i think i need to move on to something new. send me a recommendation.
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Cute, Spanish style courtyard, small one bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, tiny pantry/storage area, den (is that what you call the other room?) no "living room", yes where people "live". Den sounds like there's lions in it, well whatever your pleasure i guess..grr. first, last, plus deposit of like 200 or so.

anyhoo, front apt. parking sux, but you can always find spots, it's not like k-town or anything, but you will have to fight the locals who like to block two spots for their family members. (cabrones!!!)

i know it sounds real appealing now, but seriously it's an ok little deal for someone likes to live alone or a couple, or just want some cheap rent in a land o' lofts. close to lacc, bike kitchen, little temple, gaunty, and midnite tacos. oh, NO PETS :( unless you're good at keepin' it way under wraps. i wouldn't say necessarily gay friendly, but the guy that just moved out was pretty queeny, there's one queen in the back and of course, me, the biggest queen of all, duh. oh yeah, and you can be my neighbor. yeah!

do a drive by or look in window: (front apt. on left side)
4447 3/4 willow brook
la, 90029
one block south of santa monica x virgil.
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happy st. patty's. have a guinness for breakfast.
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no mockery in this world ever sounds to me so hollow as that of being told to cultivate happiness. what does such advice mean? happiness is not a potato, to be planted in mould, and tilled with manure.
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